Online Casinos: Download vs. Instant Play

Here’s a question that’ll rattle your pretty little head … Should you download casino game software or play online? Hmmmmm. Some casinos are only playable through download, others are only playable online, and some others give you the option to play through either download or online. So if your casino has both, which do you choose?

Oh my, the options! For some of you, that is. Mac and Linux users, your systems don’t support the downloadable software, so don’t waste your time here. Head straight to instant play and have fun! The rest of you … keep reading! And closely.

It all comes down to your playing habits and the shortcomings you can live with.

Download: While you need an internet connection to register, deposit or cash out when playing on downloaded software, you don’t need a fast connection. You don’t have to log in, the graphics and sound quality are waaay superia, the games are glitch-free and run faster and sometimes there’s a larger selection of games. Ooh, don’t mind if I do! But you can’t play on any device other than your own, it takes up space on your drive, you’re unlikely to install more than one casino’s software, and you risk downloading malware.

Instant Play: So, duh. It’s rad that you don’t have to download software, which means no filling up storage space, no risk of malware and no tedious install procedure. You can play anywhere, anytime on any device and operating system. If you’re a beginner still looking for the right casino or like to bet on different casinos, you should most definitely opt for instant play. Then again, you have to log in every time, the graphics are meh, and you need a fast internet connection if you’re going to avoid constant freezing and jerking – which is no bueno. It seems though that the download option is slowly becoming a thing of the past. But if you’re a nerd like me, you will download purely to experience greater graphic quality and speed. But I am single-casino-committed.

So did you make your choice? Remember, choose wisely for while the true path will bring you life, the false path will take it from you. Naahh just kidding. Check out Casinoslots for more tips and some other useful articles that might come in handy if you are going to play online casino games.