Perth Travel Advice: Where to Go and What to See

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Perth is the large and beautiful capital city of Western Australia. The Indian Ocean borders the metropolis and the Swan River runs right through the city providing the waterway for day and evening river cruises. Those travelling in Perth will find modern transportation options, fine accommodations and much to see and do.

Choice Travel

Perth does have a contemporary international airport for those visitors who want to fly into the area. Passenger and cruise ships also dock in the harbor, and bus and coach service is available on the roads and highways into the city. Then, the scenic way to come into Perth is by train.

Inside the city, people can easily find their way around while driving a rental car or their own vehicle. Meanwhile, the modern public transportation is convenient. Transperth has low-rates and is quite dependable using bus and train lines throughout the city and connecting nearby towns.

Attractions in Perth

Perth is a great place to take in a performing arts event like a performance of the West Australian Ballet and catch an Australian football game or other spectator sports events. The metropolis has several museums and art galleries like Western Maritime Museum and the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

In the city limits and throughout the region, nature and wildlife areas provide room for seeing animals and enjoying outdoor sports. The zoo and Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park are superb spots to find and watch kangaroos. The coastline around Perth offers some of the best beaches in the country. An hour away, Serpentine National Park offers spectacular waterfalls, lovely wildflowers and animals. Outdoor activities in the park are such as hiking, biking and canoeing.

Perth Travel and Accommodation

When travelling in Perth, visitors will find a wide range of accommodation selections from resort hotels to hostels. Those who plan ahead can rent a cottage or reserve a room at a top-rated inn like Eight Nicholson. For eating, Perth has places like the Restaurant Amuse on Bronte Street serves high-class French cuisine and Friends Restaurant on Terrace Road in the Hyatt Centre offering fine dining in a friendly atmosphere. While in Perth, visitors should not miss the city center and waterfront, getting the most from their visit.